We consistently and systematically research the funds that we use for corporate and private investment. 

From an investment perspective we do not use Insurance Companies unless it is entirely suitable. We do not want to be compromised on our investment choice and want the comfort that all negotiated discounts to access funds are passed on to our clients. In recent years a new method of holding and settling funds has developed using investment supermarkets which means we have totally transparent access to every type of investment available in the UK at wholesale prices (ie the same rates as larger companies). 

When we do our research on funds to include in our portfolios we know, by this method, that we can access them. Our settlement system has a tax wrapper for every eventuality so we can financially plan knowing that if clients need an ISA, pension, offshore bond, onshore bond, general investment account or a trust sub-account we can provide it without tainting our investment advice! We extensively research the funds that we invest client money into. This may seem like a strange comment but many do not. 

At McLaren, we have developed a unique approach to assessing funds, evaluating the opportunity and incorporating extensive assessment of the potential risks. All our portfolios are then built around weighting the risk to the customer.  In other words, someone who has a cautious approach to investment will have a bigger weighting in cautious funds and vice versa.

Finally, if we do not understand an investment, we do not invest in it.


Past performance is not indicative of future results and no representation is made that results where stated, will be replicated. Investment values rise and fall and the value of them is not guaranteed. On encashment you may not get back the amount invested.