We offer a comprehensive financial planning service that uses a risk-based approach to investment and tailors our wealth management service to your needs.

We offer an end to end financial planning service to cover tax planning and management of your investments right the way through to inter-generational wealth planning. The platforms that we use have a tax wrapper for every eventuality which means that our clients can access ISAs, pensions, offshore bonds, general investment accounts or a trust sub account.

At McLaren Capital, we have developed a unique approach to assessing funds using our proprietary tool to assess risk. We select funds for our clients on the basis of risk rather than the traditional asset allocation models used by many financial advisers.

Our rigorous and thorough investment process entails monthly reviews by our Investment Management Team and regular meetings with fund managers.

Finally, if we do not understand an investment, we do not invest in it.


Past performance is not indicative of future results and no representation is made that results where stated, will be replicated. Investment values rise and fall and the value of them is not guaranteed. On encashment you may not get back the amount invested.