We understand that financial advice must suit a client's particular personal circumstances & objectives.

We recognise that every client is different and tailor our services accordingly. However, in our experience, we all want the same thing: to ensure we are paying the least amount of tax possible and to invest to allow our financial assets to increase in value.

We research extensively, building portfolios around best of breed fund managers and carefully considered client and investment risk. The investment platforms that we use provide access to the whole market at institutional discounts, available on-line all day everyday. 

We have comprehensive and wide-ranging experience of most financial and personal situations, advising on financial planning, tax, retirement strategies, pension planning, income protection and life cover amongst others. A wealth of contacts in other areas gives our clients an additional level of support as their business grows.

Some of our key areas of expertise are listed below. Click on the + for more detail. 

+ Financial planning

At McLaren Capital we make a clear distinction between financial planning and investment and we tailor our service accordingly. We spend time getting to understand a client's needs and designing bespoke solutions. These we monitor reguarly, making adjustments when client circumstances or objectives change.
Our highly qualified staff have a broad range of expertise but our biggest asset is our ablity to get to know the needs and objectives of our clients in detail and work with them as they progress towards their goals. We will always look to optimise the efficiencies that are afforded by differing tax structures in the UK, nevertheless we are never provocative and firmly believe that if something looks too good to be true it generally is!

  • Retirement planning Whether saving for retirement or looking at the best way to access funds at retirement there is a minefield of things to consider and advice is essential. McLaren Capital has a wealth of expertise in this area and can help construct the most appropriate and tax efficient solutions to meet individual needs.
  • Investment accumulation or protection Simply building a capital sum is difficult enough, preserving it and growing it can be a challenge. There are many solutions we can offer at McLaren Capital to suit clients at any stage in their lives. Whether it is an inheritance, the sale of a business, reviewing an existing portfolio or on unexpected windfall, we can help provide a cohesive approach to protecting and increasing value.
  • Inheritance tax planning This represents the only tax that is legitimately avoidable with careful planning. We find it amazing that so many of our prospective clients do not have a will and we encourage clients to make appropriate plans in the event of their death. With careful thought and some relatively straightforward planning tax liabilities in this area can be addressed.
  • School fees planning Privately educating children for many people is a major priority for which they sacrifice many other luxuries. At McLaren we recognise the veritable mountain that people climb in order to achieve this goal and can help with planning, advice and guidance on the most appropriate ways to meet these costs.
  • Protection If a client has debts, a family, regular outgoings or other liabilities, providing an efficient and cost effective solution to address these ongoing responsibilities is critical. At McLaren Capital we can advise on every aspect of life insurance, critical illness, income replacement insurance or whole of life insurance to account for these eventualities.
  • Philanthropy For many of our clients there is a desire to "give back", whether that be in terms of time or money. At McLaren Capital we have the expertise to help achieve this goal whether that be tax efficient donatons or the establishment of a foundation.

+ Protection

With care and sensitivity we aim to make planning for the worst a positive experience. By reviewing your liablities, incliding those for inheritance tax (often overlooked by clients) we can make a difference.
We can advise on all aspects of protection and will be able to immediately identify if cover is required. Policies can change and become increasingly uncompetitive, especially if they have been bought direct by the client many years previously. In this instance we can help and advise to suit your needs and importantly your budget and calculate the most tax efficient and cost effective solutions. We can help in the following areas:

  • Life cover including Family protection, Term insurance and Whole of Life cover
  • Critical illness
  • Income protection
  • Corporate protection including Keyman cover
  • Shareholder & partnership protection

+ Debt management

We have many contacts in the raising of residential or commercial mortgages can help introduce suitable partners to achieve your goals.


Past performance is not indicative of future results and no representation is made that results where stated, will be replicated. Investment values rise and fall and the value of them is not guaranteed. On encashment you may not get back the amount invested.