We offer financial advice and help with investing to private individuals, families, Trusts & companies.

Identifying the most profitable, lowest risk or most efficient way to manage your money can be a complex task...

Whether you’re the FD of a growing business and you have healthy profits that you’d like to invest, you’ve inherited a lump sum of money you’d like to see grow or your personal share portfolio is in need of an overhaul then why not consider taking McLaren Capital’s well informed, independent and frank advice.

We pride ourselves on our carefully honed advisory and investment processes and our team of true financial experts. Finding ways to maintain steady growth from low risk investment or ensure rewards are reaped from bolder investment is our business and choosing McLaren as your personal or corporate wealth management team means you can rely on us to do our very best to help you deliver a financially secure future for your business, associates or family.

If you're an individual or Trustee looking for advice about managing your wealth or investing, McLaren offer a fully bespoke financial planning service and a clearly defined, carefully researched method for managing your money.

We advise Companies and Directors on optimising remuneration, the use of pensions to unlock tax-free profit pre-retirement, investment and protection of business value as well as advising on ways to encourage and reward employees.

McLaren's innovative approach hinges on the principle that a professional service is free from commission or investment bias so we invest transparently and we take full responsibility for financial planning and investment advice.

Over the years I have come to rely on the advice from Rory and the team at McLaren a great deal. I value their creative input, transparency and innovative approach to looking after my needs. Their guidance has helped me optimise value in my assets.
— SL